BenGolf adds more activities for 2017 and changes its name

For the first time, extra events and activities are being added to the annual BenGolf event, to cater for those who do not want to play golf.

This year’s event – to be held on Monday 12 June – will include a new package of activities called BenSport, comprising 4x4 driving, quad biking and on-land hovercraft driving, and the whole day will be renamed as the BOSS Charity Day.

BOSS Business Supplies Charity Chairman, Graeme Chapman MBE, explained: "A couple of years ago we added BenSpa, which is now a firm favourite, so looking at the results of a recent online survey conducted by one of our Trustees, Martin Wilde, we have found three overwhelmingly popular new activities to be added. All of our Trustees are hoping that the enlarged networking day will be fully supported by all sections of our industry."

Charity Trustee, Frances Stephen of Springfield, who has organised these additional events, said: "This is such a brilliant opportunity to network in a relaxed and friendly environment, and to raise funds for an excellent industry cause. Everyone involved in BenGolf, BenSpa and BenSport is invited to join in together after their events for a late afternoon prize giving dinner.”

Booking forms for the BOSS Charity Day will be available shortly, and online booking is available at As before, there are special discounts for ‘early bird’ bookings.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 7th March 2017

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