Busy start for Duplo at Northern Lights show

Real-live training and operator demonstrations were proving popular as dozens of people came into The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds for day one of Duplo’s second Northern Lights show.

Partners of Duplo were also finding trade was brisk on the opening day. More than 160 people registered for the second show, which Duplo UK managing director Peter Jolly is convinced will exceed expectations.

Said Peter: “People are coming here to buy, not just make up the numbers. I’m confident of finalising a number of deals over the two days of Northern Lights, which has had a fantastic response in terms of pre-show registrations. That’s also a reflection of a great ‘tea-making’ campaign leading up to the show in which we were determined to show our customers that by using our systems, they really could save time and increase productivity.

“It’s been great – and thanks to the TEA-m.”

However, somebody without much time for tea at Northern Lights was Sheldon Smith (pictured left), whose normal job is running digital production operations for Prime Group. Both he and Operations Director Adrian Tolley, chairman of Duplo Owners’ Club, were kept busy by visitors wanting to find out how they could save time and increase efficiencies with Duplo systems.

Said Tolley (also pictured in the background), said: “We’re always moaning about shows being centred on London, but it is great that Duplo has made a commitment to the north. And for those people attended from the north, they took advantage of such a location. Here’s hoping there will be many more Northern Lights to come.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 9th March 2016

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