Duplo announces Northern Lights Tour – first stop Newcastle

Duplo has revealed the initial line-up for its Northern Lights Tour, which will help spark ideas for smarter finishing.

In a first stop, Duplo will be taking to the stage at Newcastle Gateshead Marriott Hotel MetroCentre on 12 and 13 September 2017.

Among the favourite headliners will be the PFi DI-CUT300 versatile and highly productive short run diecutting system, the 600i Booklet System high-end collating and bookletmaking solution and the DC-746 top-of-the-range multifinisher, a powerful all-in-one digital colour finishing solution.

Newcomer to the scene but destined for great success is Duplo’s DuSense Sensory Coater. It is designed for cost-effective embellishment of short-run digital print with highly creative and intricate special effects.

Equipped with high definition 600 dpi heads, it can handle both heavy solids and fine detail in the same pass. It has the proven sheet feeder of the Duplo DC-746 cutter/creaser, and can produce up to 1080 B3 sheets per hour. Camera registration operates to a 0.2mm accuracy, with automatic adjustment for every sheet.

Sarah Crumpler, Marketing Manager for Duplo UK, said: “The showcase offers attendees a relaxed and informal demonstration environment and will spark ideas for smarter finishing. We will be putting the spotlight on the ways they can be integrated into their current business set-up to reduce bottlenecks or create new revenue streams.”

She added: “Attendees will be able to see special performances designed to show greater efficiency thanks to faster turnaround times, automated precision automation and better workflow solutions.”

Among the key sponsors of the event are Renz, Vivid Lamination and Compass Business Finance.

Further information can be found at www.duplonorthernlights.com.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 2nd August 2017

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