Duplo reveals headline partners for Northern Lights

Customers and partners have pledged huge support for Duplo’s ‘Northern Lights’, the print finishing pioneer’s new regional show on March 10-11 that will bring together a wide cross-section of industry experts demonstrating live applications.

Registrations have now opened for the inaugural free-to-attend two-day showcase at The Lowry, part of a magnificent waterside location in the redeveloped Salford Quays, Manchester.

The Duplo event, Northern Lights, will start at 10am, but will remain open until 9pm on day one to provide customers with opportunities to continue discussions and to network in a relaxed environment, as well as get more hands-on with all products, with light refreshments also being served. An ‘operator focus’ will provide an additional attraction on the second day, with the event closing at 5pm.

Duplo product specialists and customer trainers will also be on hand, together with other experts, to discuss solutions directly in front of live-running systems.

The headline partners working alongside Duplo will include Balreed, Infigo Software, Lumejet, Paperlinx, Renz and Vivid. A variety of applications will be shown with latest software, print and finishing systems demonstrating cross media marketing, web2print and on-demand personalisation solutions.

Developing new and existing revenue streams will be at the heart of ‘Northern Lights’ alongside creating added value and providing ideas for increasing workflow efficiencies and reducing bottlenecks within current processes.

Sarah Crumpler, Duplo UK marketing manager, said: “Our customers are delighted that we are bringing a show northwards, which is another example of our innovative approach and customer care where we are increasing support through training, service and marketing initiatives.  

“Our business is driven by the feedback that we receive from our customers and our events are no different. There is already a lot of excitement around the inaugural ‘Northern Lights’. Roll on March!”

Register your free place here: www.duplonorthernlights.com

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 26th January 2015

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