Green Office Week to turn offices green in 21 days

Green Office Week is back from 8 to 13 May and Avery is on a mission to help offices keen to go green.

With scientific research showing that it takes 21 days to change your habits, Green Office Week will kick-start a campaign encouraging office workers to make continued small changes at work that will have a big environmental impact.

Joining in and exchanging information and top tips is at the heart of the social campaign with Avery running all activity from its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels. Office workers are invited to share their eco-friendly initiatives using the hashtag #greenoffice17, with spot prizes for those who have had an environmental impact on their own workplace.

Eco-awareness at home doesn’t always translate to the work place, so Avery has come up with an innovative way to provide practical advice and inspiration enlisting the help of the next generation to deliver it. Green Office Week will launch with 21 online videos presented by children aged 5-11 years old. The 30 second films are packed with easy but effective office eco-solutions from children who have only ever lived in an environmentally aware world where thinking green comes naturally.

Avery UK marketing director, Fiona Mills said: “As adults we often want to make changes in our lives but sometimes it takes another person making a comment or request for us to take action.

“Children learn about the environment from a young age and we have been so inspired learning ideas and tips from the next generation. It's their planet we need to protect and we hope UK office workers will take time to watch and share the videos.

“Even if an office introduced just a few of the ideas, we know that up and down the country an environmental impact would be being made during Green Office Week, and for the future.”

The children have come up with their top tips for going green at work based on what they put into practice in their own homes and what they’ve read and learned about at school. With each short video, they’re hoping to motivate office workers with the message that making little changes with a big impact on the future doesn’t have to take long. Especially if we all work together.

For anyone keen to get started straight away, here are some ideas which will be shared in the Green Office Week videos that can be put into practice right now!

  • Think before you throw - Before replacing office equipment check to see if it can be fixed or if you can find it second-hand.
  • That’s my mug - Say goodbye to paper coffee cups and bring in mugs that can be re-used time and again.
  • Keep it clean - Check office cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • It’s who you know - Keep mailing lists up-to-date to prevent mail-outs getting lost or thrown in the bin.
  • Choose wisely - Before buying office products research eco-friendly options that help protect the planet.

Green Office Week takes place each year and encourages UK workers to think about the environment and implement small changes in the workplace. The 2017 campaign will build on previous Green Office Week success stories including the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide and the Green Pledges campaign. 

The full collection of 21 videos will be available online, with additional downloadable materials at

If you'd like to get involved in Green Office Week get in touch with Avery by tweeting @UKAvery or sending a message to

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 13th March 2017

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