Pricing Masterclass session to take place at Superstat Conference

Superstat has announced, following a poll carried out amongst its members, the subjects to be covered by this year’s Conference Business Sessions.

First on the list will be a Pricing Masterclass, as Richard Lockley, sales director revealed: “It’s not a surprise that this session was one of the most popular options in our poll. We get calls all the time about managing pricing across accounts effectively and know just how easy it is to get tied up in knots trying to get the right strategy in place.

“Between ourselves and the dealer community we have a lot of experience with pricing and I feel we are well placed to be able to help our members put together a series of steps that can have an incredible impact upon their company.”

For more information on the Superstat Conference in a Day, which takes place in Leeds on 9 June, visit

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 21st April 2017

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