Superstat Conference: Contracts session announced

The third session to be confirmed at the Superstat Conference this year will cover the hot topic of contracts.

How do contract stationers always seem to do so well? Is it even possible for independent dealers to compete against these corporate giants? Is there anything they can do to combat them? Is it possible for an independent to go for and win a contract or are they wasting their time?

This masterclass will look to answer these questions through an interactive session hosted by Marcus Eden-Ellis and Emma Ramsey from Bid Perfect. Drawing upon their experience from the contract stationer and independent dealer world, they will share the truths about the contract stationers and the tactics they use and how it is possible for the independent dealer to fight against them, and win.

They will follow up with their real life experiences of going for contracts and share their expertise and best practice so that should a dealer decide to make contracts a real and serious part of their growth strategy, they will be in a better position to succeed.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 12th May 2017

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