A third of UK sales can be attributed to IT

UK sales professionals believe that just under a third of their sales can be directly attributed to IT, according to a new survey conducted by cloud communications provider RingCentral.

RingCentral teamed up with Censuswide to survey 500 sales professionals in the UK, to investigate the importance of IT support to sales teams. The survey revealed that 80% of sales professionals believe that software installed by IT has made it easier for them to make a sale, and over 90% feel supported by IT.

Sahil Rheki, UK MD of RingCentral says “The relationship between sales and IT is integral to business efficiency and these stats demonstrate how vital the IT department is to sales teams in the UK. It’s encouraging to see so many sales professionals being complimentary about their IT departments, and really shows just how important IT has become to support and enhance business operations.”

The research also revealed:

  • Sales professionals receive IT training more than twice a year

  • 45% of sales professionals play a role in deciding which software to purchase

  • 83% of companies have in-house IT support

While the majority of sales professionals still believe the role of IT is to provide technical support and maintain systems, a large number know that looking after devices and networks is not IT’s only job, more than half (55%) understood that the IT department improve the business by introducing new IT processes and infrastructures. With the rise of team collaboration and off premise cloud networks, KPIs for IT teams are evolving from reducing downtime to boosting efficiency and supporting the sales, marketing and operations departments.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 13th September 2016

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