Latest industry report: how to value a business

Would you benefit from optimising the financial performance of your business? Are you looking to attract potential buyers? Do you want to acquire another business? Would you like to get accurate insurance coverage? Whatever your aim is, Office Power’s latest report will provide useful tips and insights on how to achieve your goals.

There’s currently lots of discussion about mergers and acquisitions in the Office Products Industry. In a challenged and traditional market, that is large but in long term decline there is always going to be a higher propensity for business leaders to try to create shareholder value through consolidation rather than chasing unprofitable organic growth. This is supported by the recent research of industry CEOs by MWA Ltd and OPI Magazine which concluded that 55% have an active interest in pursuing acquisitive strategies in 2017. In truth the trend for M & A is not a new one in our industry but perhaps the context to such activity is changing.

For all privately owned businesses the principals will be balancing their longer term ambitions of a significant exit with the more current needs of their staff, shareholders and other key stakeholders. And perhaps with running a business in the office products industry being tougher than it’s ever been, the decision between exiting the industry and trying to get a cash return on all the hard work of building a business or setting the business up to be passed on as a going concern to family members has never been more complex.

The latest report produced by Office Power aims to provide useful advice to uncover the key elements that drive value in any business. Office Power have interviewed finance experts and investors with extensive experience in M & A from Menzies LLP, Tenzing Private Equity, as well as their own Chief Financial Officer to provide dealers with practical advice and professional insights.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 8th June 2017

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