Office Friendly unveils supplier strategy for 2017

Office Friendly has presented its new technology-driven strategy to more than 50 industry suppliers at VOW Europe’s distribution headquarters in Lutterworth.

Julie Hawley, MD, opened by demonstrating how the business model is adapting to the ever-changing industry: “Our evolution has enabled members to branch out into new niche areas,” she said.

Growth in member numbers, increased sales and diversification of services tell a compelling story. Focus quickly shifted to how Office Friendly can build on this resilient foundation. As Katie Metcalfe, marketing director, explained, integrated technology will lead the way: “People talk about data. They use acronyms like SEO, CRM and PPC. They cite social media strategies, e-marketing and content. But the key to modern marketing is bringing the elements together.”

True to its word, Office Friendly is developing specialist marketing skills with its in-house marketing team, KascAid. Earlier this month, they announced the integration of back office systems with their industry-leading email platform, Maxemail+. They’re also working with Fusion+ Data to develop ecommerce sites that showcase innovative products ranges and services.

Keeley Shepherd, sales director, explained how these developments went hand-in-hand with Office Friendly’s sales and business development department: “Training days, market analysis and business planning is central to the work we do with dealers. It’s so exciting to see how all our developments are coming together. And, more than anything, it’s great to see how this success is shared with all the suppliers, partners and members that choose to work with Office Friendly.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 17th March 2017

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