Nectere Supplier Partnership Day

Nectere will be holding their third Supplier Partnership Day on 6 July. This year’s theme will be growth and how the dealer group can help supplier partners exceed their targets for 2012 and beyond.Attendees will get a performance update review of Nectere and how current suppliers have achievedsuccess. There will also be an insight into Nectere’s own main catalogue plans for 2014 and a preview of, what the dealer group claims is the most advanced supplier sales tool in the industry, NecterePoint.

As an extra there will also be a free Chinese buffet lunch.Phil Hardwell, business development manager at Nectere, commented: “We want suppliers to understand how working with nectere will bring success, benefits and rewards. It is a total partnership, focused on growth of brands and sales. The supplier day is our opportunity to prove that working with nectere works.”The event will be held at the Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant, Birmingham.

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Posted by George Carey (100)

Written on 15th March 2012

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