Major new agreements for Anglo Office Group

Anglo Office Group has announced a major new agreement thanks to a combination of its exclusive zero emission logistics partnership with Gnewt Cargo and Anglo’s fast-growing business services division.

The New West End Company (NWEC), a Transport for London/Mayor of London-backed organisation created to improve air quality and significantly reduce the number of commercial vehicles within the West End of London, has appointed Anglo Office Group as the sole approved provider for office supplies and business services.

The agreement will see Anglo roll out its single source, zero emission solution to, initially, 500 West End businesses signed up to support the scheme and then throughout the West End of London as a whole in line with the expansion plans of the program.

Soon after, this agreement was then added to when the Jermyn Street Association, The Heart of London (working in support of a major Crown Estates initiative) and the Cross River Partnership (a group responsible for developing similar schemes across London) joined the program and appointed Anglo too for their projects for the wider London area – over 2,000 businesses in total.

Anglo’s Managing Director, Gary Naphtali said: “This is great news for Anglo and Gnewt and comes on the back of us extending our exclusive agreement with Gnewt for an additional four years.

“The various agencies said we secured the agreements as a result of two main things that stood out over our competitors – our zero emission vehicles (a further five brand-new Anglo-branded electric, zero emission vehicles are due to hit the streets in April) and, thanks to our business services division, the ability to provide more products and managed services from a single source than any other provider they had met.

“Their support for this proposition has been met with the same level of support from CRP and also the other agencies we are now talking to and working with.”

Gary continued: “Our zero-emissions solution is a strong initiative for London right now with the ever-increasing focus on clean air solutions. Likewise our expanded products and services is not only a value-added service solution it also means fewer suppliers and deliveries in London affecting air quality. Both are strong in their own right but combined they are proving to be a popular, and unique, offering for us.”

Gnewt partnership

Gary went on to say that the Gnewt partnership was instrumental as Gnewt are recognised market-leaders for London in the zero emission arena and are a known and proven quantity; that helps when you enter discussions.

“I’m also excited to soon be adding to this program with the Gnewt carbon-neutral parcel distribution service; this means we will deliver goods, collect parcels and distribute on zero emission logistics for the London area (and other Gnewt UK-wide locations) and then carbon neutral for the rest of the UK.

“As our partnership with Gnewt is an exclusive agreement it helps us complement one another and represent one another confidently. It also means our existing and future suppliers and services partners can also, through Anglo, access our zero emissions logistics for London and other ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) across the UK as these initiatives develop.

“Extending our Gnewt agreement to include access for our third supply partners through Anglo was an important element to the new agreement to help us help our partners address the challenges of ULEZ. It also supported our mutual desire to secure an extension to our agreement and the most competitive rates for the long term.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 16th March 2017

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