SPOT comments on Advantia contract award

Following the news that Spicers has been awarded the Advantia Contract from 1st February 2018, Jeff Whiteway, Group CEO of SPOT commented: “Spicers are delighted to have been awarded the Advantia contract.

"This win follows more than 12 months of dialogue between our executive teams, during which time Spicers has invested heavily in our operational capacity building an enviable, highly-efficient and effective structure geared to providing industry leading levels of service.

“Advantia were forerunners in driving efficiencies through the supply chain, creating a model that delivers tangible profit benefits to its dealer members. We are delighted to be able to partner with them once again, especially given the unanimous decision across the Advantia dealer base. The Advantia executive team ran an excellent professional process and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

“Whilst this is a major win we are very confident in providing a high-quality and progressive service, with this contract taking just 25% of the additional capacity we have already created.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 14th July 2017

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