Spicers invests in dealer marketing team

Spicers continues to realign its dealer support structure to ensure the services it offers dealers are relevant to the demands of an ever-changing market. As part of this ongoing process, Spicers has invested in appointing two new Marketing Account Managers. These individuals will be tasked with working directly with Spicers-supporting dealers to help drive their sales growth.

Annie Dempsey and Lee Diggens, the newly appointed Marketing Account Managers, join an existing team of 30 office-based marketers. They will focus on spending time face-to-face with dealers to help them grow. This will include visiting Alliance Dealers at their premises and hosting regular marketing sessions for Brilliant Partners at each of Spicers’ Regional Distribution Centres.

The appointments will enhance the impact of Spicers’ existing marketing support service for dealers. Spicers has already developed a proven range of marketing support services designed to target new business, retention and growth. This is coupled with highly developed product marketing tools designed to achieve the greatest return by promoting products/brands to consumers with maximum impact. Following Spicers’ latest investment, dealers will receive direct support from skilled marketing professionals who are entirely focused on maximising the effectiveness of these marketing opportunities.

Jeff Whiteway, Group CEO explained: “With the need to deliver greater benefit to our dealers and their end consumers, it is essential that all elements of the supply chain work collaboratively to deliver value for each of the stakeholders. We truly believe the appointment of these marketing specialists will help our customers achieve a much greater return on their investment. In turn, this will help drive sales for the dealer, Spicers and our vendor partners.

“Rather than recruiting from within the office products sector, these marketing specialists have been selected based on their experience in the full marketing mix. They are undergoing a thorough induction process to match their undoubted marketing skills with a comprehensive knowledge of the business supplies market, across the ever widening product sectors. With meetings and presentations already planned for later in the year, this is a very exciting time for our industry.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 7th August 2017

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