VOW launches rewards scheme for resellers

VOW has become the UK’s first wholesaler to launch a continuous and comprehensive scheme with world-leading specialist consultancy Corporate Rewards incentivising resellers to buy business products and facilities supplies.

The initiative, open to members of the VOW Venture enhanced partner accreditation programme, will consist of various incentives and promotions during a year. All will involve points being awarded for purchases of relevant products over defined periods, with the highest scoring resellers winning valuable prizes.

VOW Venture Rewards, as the innovative scheme is called, has been accompanied by the launch of a bespoke portal, enabling participants to track their performances against targets in current initiatives and see announcements of incremental opportunities to earn extra points provided by suppliers sponsoring the promotions, for example.

The VOW Venture Rewards scheme consists initially of the current Heatwave, Whiteout and Discover incentives. Eligible resellers had to register for these by the end of July and the promotions run until December.  

Heatwave and Whiteout are for VOW Venture members based in the UK, while Discover is for those in Ireland. 

Each reseller registering for one of the three incentives is receiving a monthly target for purchases of goods supplied by VOW and manufactured by the sponsoring brands, throughout the promotion period. This goal represents a 10 per cent increase on the amount the reseller spent on equivalent products during the same period last year.

For every £1 or €1 the reseller spends over their target, they earn a point. The entrants in the three incentives with the most points at close of business on Christmas Eve will win prizes.

The Heatwave winners will experience three nights at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa, on an exclusive private island in a lagoon near Venice. The Whiteout participants will spend four nights at the Hotel La Chaudanne, in Méribel, one of the world’s finest skiing resorts. The successful Discover entrants will stay for three nights at the Puente Romano Golf & Spa Resort in Puerto Banus, Spain.

Sponsors of the three incentives include 3M, Acco, Alba, Bic, Brother, Dahle, Durable, Energizer, ExaClair, Hamelin, Henkel, Muggi, Nestlé Professional, Newell Brands, Philips, Q-Connect Toners, Schneider, Securit, VOW Interiors and all VOW’s exclusive brands.

Heather McManus (pictured), VOW’s commercial and marketing director, said: “It’s a key part of our corporate strategy that we work with our resellers to help them increase sales and grow their businesses. We’re therefore delighted to be announcing our unique VOW Venture Rewards scheme, which will further incentivise them to do just this, through a series of original and enjoyable promotions throughout the year.

“We’ve also launched the scheme because we wanted to reward our VOW Venture Partners who perform outstandingly and whose contribution to our business we value so highly.”

Corporate Rewards, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, works with some of the world’s leading businesses to create award-winning recognition, motivation, incentive and event programmes. The company’s clients include Microsoft, Red Bull, Pirelli, Honeywell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise plus other household names in industries such as information technology, manufacturing, finance, automotive, retail and fast-moving consumer goods.

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 5th September 2017

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