Renz targets office dealer network with launch of new LAMIGO Laminators

Renz, the German manufacturer of binding and laminating machines, has launched three new pouch laminators, which are specifically aimed at the office market. The Renz LAMIGO series offers an elegant design and an impressive performance. The LAMIGO pouch laminators use 4-RSH-technology which guarantees a short warm up time of just 30 seconds.

Paul Simpson, Renz UK Sales Manager commented: “With the increasing demand for quicker machines customers do not want to wait two or three minutes for the laminator to warm up before they can use it. From our research of current office pouch laminators available we found there is a definite gap in the market.”

The LAMIGO series sits alongside the current Renz advertised pricing restrictions for its office machines.

Simpsons added: “We listened extensively to our dealers who were consistently being undercut by other dealers on the internet offering bargain basement prices. Dealers would complain to us that they would put in all the hard work qualifying a lead and then the customer would simply find a better price online. As a result we enforced an advertised pricing agreement with all our dealers so the Renz machines could not be advertised at more than 7.5% below list prices. Since we have implemented this agreement, we have received nothing but positive feedback. It allows the dealers to maintain a good margin when selling our products.”

The launch of the Renz LAMIGO laminators follows the launch of Renz’s customised binding covers earlier this year. The innovative new website allows customers to design and create their own professional binding covers. The covers are then printed and dispatched ready to punch and bind on their office binding machine.

The Renz LAMIGO series officially launched on 2 May and are available to purchase direct from Renz. Further details can be found at

To become an authorised Renz dealer please email [email protected]

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 21st June 2017

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