The changing world of whiteboards: Nobo releases second e-book to give resellers competitive edge

ACCO Brands has released the second of its two Nobo e-books today, entitled “A guide to the changing world of whiteboards”. Available to download for free now, on the ACCO Brands Partner portal, this exclusive sales guide explores what’s on the horizon in the whiteboard market to help trade partners stay ahead of competitors, and provides in-depth insights into Nobo’s core whiteboard surfaces, Diamond Glass and Nano Clean, which are set to dominate the category.

Glassboards were previously positioned in the category as office décor or a designer piece, rather than a superior whiteboard, isolating them from the rest of the market. However, research by Nobo has shown that demand for its hero product, Diamond Glass is building, with listings for the surface having grown by 90% in 2017. As awareness develops, more customers are attracted to glass as a purchase choice as it outperforms all other surfaces on erasability, durability and design, while suiting a stylish office environment.

The comprehensive guide also focuses on Nobo’s newest surface, Nano Clean Steel. Understanding that what end users want most is a whiteboard that erases easily, Nobo Nano Clean technology tackles this pain point, as the whiteboard’s surface is sealed at nano level, stopping ink from penetrating the board. With steel very much the bulk of the market, Nobo’s Nano CleanTM surface fills a major gap for consumers seeking enhanced erasability at a mid-price point, and resellers looking to improve their upsell opportunities.

Kevin Cullen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ACCO Brands, comments: “Consumers are now much more proactive and discerning so the reseller must be able to anticipate and react to trends in the whiteboard category. Having addressed the availability of clear information about whiteboards for resellers in the first instalment, Nobo’s second e-book will lift the lid on emerging trends and also put the spotlight on two of its newest products, Diamond Glass and Nano Clean steel, sharing new insights on the impact both surfaces are having on the market.

“Nobo’s reputation as a trusted brand gives our trade partners a competitive edge in such a changing market. We’re dedicated to providing the reseller community with everything they need to stay ahead of the game and increase margins, including this latest e-book, as well as lots of ready-made content on the ACCO Brands Partner portal.”

To help its trade partners increase sales further, Nobo is running an exclusive year-long prize draw where one lucky winner will receive an office makeover, worth £5,000, fully managed by ACCO Brands with monthly competitions to win a desk makeover. To download a copy of Nobo’s exclusive e-book for free, visit

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 6th September 2017

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